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Preparing AZ's Future Multilingual Workforce

Posted in Advocacy, AZLA News on Mar 26, 2017

Preparing AZ’s future multilingual workforce

115 AZ language educators, from elementary through university levels, came together to learn strategies that get students talking and using the new language they are learning. They all belong to the AZ Language Association, a group committed to preparing our future AZ multilingual workforce. These educators represented teaching AZ students Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, German, Japanese, ESL and English. Advocacy was also a part of the meeting which shared the irony behind the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2017) report that cites AZ as having among the lowest enrollment in foreign language classes at only 8% of the state’s students while The New American Economy study (2017) shared a 16% increase in bilingual online job postings from 2010 to 2015.

Graph source: Burning Glass Technologies, Labor Insight, Data pulled on April 13, 2016

Congratulations, Brian Barabé!

Posted in AZLA News on Mar 13, 2017

Congratulation to Brian Barabé, who was presented with the SWCOLT 2017 Honorary Lifetime Member Award. Brian, AZLA’s nominee to the nine-state regional conference, is pictured along with fellow former AZLA presidents Mariana Bahtchevanova, Lisa Berkson, and Jocelyn Danielson Raught. On the right is Carla (Armendáriz) Whitehead, AZLA’s T.O.Y. Representative to SWCOLT 2017.


Letter from the President (2016-2017)

Posted in AZLA News on Oct 31, 2016

Dear AZLA Community,

It is an honor to write you as your new 2016-2017 AZLA President. I would like to share some highlights of our 2016 AZLA Fall Conference titled “A to Z → Language Learning and Assessment” which was hosted by South Mountain Community College from September 30th to October 1st.

The conference was a great success and brought together more than two hundred K-16 language educators from different parts of the state, from elementary immersion teachers to college language professors.

Our distinguished guest Dr. Francis J. Troyan, from Ohio State University, conducted a workshop on Friday and Saturday focused on designing and implementing Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA) to improve language learning and instruction. Dr. Troyan presented an overview of IPA guidelines for how to design IPA tasks for Novice, Intermediate and Advance levels to inform the backward design of a unit. He emphasized the importance of using authentic text during instruction and IPA tasks. After Friday’s workshop, Dr. Troyan joined us to AZLA’s traditional soirée at the Raven Golf Club’s restaurant Grill 36.

In addition to Dr. Troyan’s workshop, our conference offered over twenty concurrent sessions and networking opportunities focused on instruction and assessment. K-16 teachers and administrators from different parts of Arizona shared their area of expertise during these engaging sessions. Teachers left inspired and ready to implement new ideas to their classrooms.

During our AZLA Annual Business meeting, we recapped the 2015-2016 academic year by presenting our current AZLA Executive Board members, now including Cristina Ladas, who fills the new position of AZLA’s NCSSFL Associate Member (and will continue on as our Immersion & Early Language Committee Chair as well). In the spring we also welcomed two new members to the extended board: Anaid Jordan, from Pima Partnership Performing Arts High School in Tucson, as our new Southern Regional Representative, and Peter Thomas, from Shonto Preparatory School in Shonto, as AZLA’s Native Languages Chair. During our annual election on October 1, 2016, Carmen Scales, Sr. Lecturer (Spanish Lower Division Coordinator) from SILC, Arizona State University in Tempe, was elected to serve as our 2016-2017 President-Elect. Congratulations, Carmen!

Furthermore, we had the honor to recognize and surprise Sofía Wolhein as AZLA’s 2016 Outstanding Young Educator. Dr. Karina Collentine from Northern Arizona University nominated Sofía last spring while she was teaching at Sedona Red Rock High School; this year she is at NAU.

Two $500 AZLA scholarships were awarded to outstanding students: Luana Paredes Sánchez, nominted by Laura Zinke from McClintock High School, won at the secondary level, and Jared Guiou, nominated by Miko Foard from Arizona State University, won at the post-secondary level.

Among the attendees, we had the honor to have Gail Guntermann who has made invaluable contributions to our educators’ community. Our 2016 recipient of the $500 Gail Guntermann Professional Development Fellowship was awarded to Anaid Jordan from Pima Partnership Performing Arts High School in Tucson.

Best of Arizona from AZLA’s 2015 Fall Conference was given to Al Martino who represented AZLA at SWCOLT 2016 in Honolulu. Aiden Fleming was nominated by AZLA and won the SWCOLT 2016 Friend of the Profession Award. Jennifer Wortzel from Basha High School was also recognized as our AZLA 2015 TOY (Teacher of the Year), and then represented AZLA at SWCOLT 2016. We are privileged to have our very own AZLA board member, Jocelyn Danielson Raught, represent Arizona as SWCOLT 2017 President. Her contributions to the language community are countless.

Finally, I would like to thank Mariana Bahtchevanova for her service as our 2015-2016 President, and Antonella Dell’Anna for her busy year as Immediate Past-President, 2016 Events Chair, and Exhibits Coordinator. My appreciation goes out to all our board members for their hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to our association. Your work is changing the history of Arizona! Loida Gutiérrez, thank you for your support in providing the venue at SMCC and donating your time to facilitate all the preparation prior to and during the conference. Thank you to all exhibitors, sponsors, presenters, and student marshals; without your support, this conference would have not been possible. All of you AZLA members, THANK YOU for your contributions to the profession. We cannot do it without your help!

Have a wonderful rest of the year! See you March 25th for our Spring Workshop at the Kyrene School District. Warm regards,

Patricia Fernandez, M. Ed. AZLA President


Noudali published in The Language Educator

Posted in AZLA News on Apr 10, 2016

The Arizona Language Association is pleased and proud to congratulate Robin Noudali, whose article “Performance Assessments to Improve Student Proficiency” appears in the latest issue of The Language Educator, published quarterly by ACTFL. Go, AZLA!

Enjoy her article, please CLICK HERE.

Letter from the President

Posted in AZLA News on Mar 12, 2016

Dear fellow language educators,

On February 20th, 2016, Cactus Shadows High School hosted the AZLA spring workshop entitled “Are you ready? The NEW Arizona World and Native Languages Standards.” The workshop brought together more than one hundred educators from all over the state teaching languages at different levels of the K-16 educational system: from kindergarten immersion teachers to university professors. Arizona’s World and Native Languages Standards, which were approved in May 2015 and will be fully implemented during the 2016-2017 academic year, provide a concise and complete description of what learners should acquire and be able to do in the target language as they move through the process of studying another language. I am
very happy to
 the workshop was not only well attended but also very successful and the feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive.

The workshop was led by a team of outstanding language educators who have played an essential role in the revision of the standards: Doni Nasr, Lisa Berkson, Cristina Ladas, and Jocelyn Danielson Raught. Doni, Lisa, Jocelyn, and Cristina are among the most experienced and dedicated language teachers in our state. All of them are currently serving on the AZLA board. Always on the frontline of our profession, these truly inspirational educators have been working selflessly and tirelessly to promote the field, improve the quality of language education, support teachers, and educate administrators, parents, and legislators. Their interactive presentation and hands-on activities familiarized the participants with the scale of proficiency levels, the three modes of communication, the content of the nine strands of the standards as well as with key concepts such as performance and proficiency. It also provided educators with a roadmap to guide them in the implementation of the standards in the language classroom. Understanding the descriptions of how language learners demonstrate performance of the three modes of communication is crucial for planning and assessment. At the end, the workshop participants left inspired to improve their teaching practices and achieve greater levels of teaching effectiveness.

After lunch, workshop attendees were joined by a panel from the Arizona Department of Education and Cave Creek Unified School District. Our panelists were Tammy Waller, Director of K-12 Social Studies and World Languages (Arizona Department of Education), Dr. Jana Miller, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning (Cave Creek Unified School District), Maura Yildirim, Director of Rules and Procedures in Certification (ADE), and Aiden Fleming, Deputy Director, Policy Development and Government Relations (ADE). After a brief description of their job and responsibilities, the panelists answered a wide array of questions from the audience. During the engaging question and answer session, attendees were able to learn more about issues related to state legislation and language programs, the role of the director for social studies and world languages, dual language immersion programs, the instruction of Native American languages, and teacher certification among others. We are very excited to share with you that one of our panelists, Aiden Fleming, received the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT) Friend of the Profession Award for his contributions for the development of two bills for AZ language programs: SB-1242, Arizona Critical Language and Economic Development Pilot Program (which passed in 2014) and SB 1239, State Seal of Biliteracy Program, which was passed unanimously be the Education Committee of the AZ House of Representatives on March 2, this year.

AZLA has a long history of advocating for and advancing the profession of language teaching at all levels and across a variety of institutions and programs. Last month, for example, we created a new sub-committee on Native American languages in order to better represent their voice on the AZLA board. I would like to urge you to get more involved in our organization and in the language teaching community. As a member, you can contribute in many ways: you can share your ideas, innovative practices, student success stories, exciting events, or issues and suggestions; you can write short articles for our website; you can help us plan conferences and workshops and you can present or participate in them; you can provide us with valuable feedback; most importantly, you can advocate for the profession by encouraging and inspiring your peers and administrators and by getting them involved in AZLA. It is our responsibility and our job to make the case for languages.

Finally, I would like to thank all board members whose hard work, enthusiasm and creative ideas help the profession improve and move to higher levels. I would also want to thank all of the engaged and involved AZLA members for their contributions. We cannot do it without your help. I wish you a productive, creative, and enjoyable rest of the semester!

Dr. Mariana Bahtchevanova

Accolades for AZLA

Posted in AZLA News on Feb 19, 2016

In case you missed it last night, the second segment of PBS’ Horizon, focusing on AZ Education was devoted to Dual Language!

At Kyrene de los Lagos Elementary School, both María Rivera (DL Kindergarten Spanish Educator) and Dr. Ana Gómez del Castillo (Principal) were interviewed. In the studio, two of our Spring 2016 Workshop Panel Members were guests: Dr. Jana Miller (Associate Superintendent for Teaching & Learning, CCUSD) and Aiden Fleming (Deputy Associate Superintendent, ADE). How fabulous to have all four in attendance at our workshop on Saturday!

Although she wasn’t mentioned by name, Jana spoke about Cristina’s upcoming teacher recruitment trip to China tomorrow. Go, Cristina Ladas, our newest Executive Board Member as the official AZLA Representative to NCSSFL! (Jana is a current AZLA member.)

And I like to think that Aiden was alluding to AZLA’s commitment during the interview studio segment with Ted Simons. For those of you fortunate enough to attend SWCOLT in Hawaii, cheer for Aiden who will be awarded the SWCOLT Friend of the Profession (whether or not he is able to be in attendance). Kudos to Doni Nasr for organizing Aiden’s nominating packet from AZLA! (Aiden is an honorary member.) Best of luck to SWCOLT Program Chair Jocelyn Danielson Raught!

At Saturday’s post-workshop Executive Board meeting, a new Extended Board Committee and Chair were named: Peter Thomas will chair Native Languages. Peter is currently a Dine Language and Cultural Specialist at Shonto Preparatory School. Welcome, Peter!

Submitted by Kathleen Backalukas.